Wolf von Wolkenfels

Livestreams are a great way for artists to have a social life while painting.
Art doesn't have to be a lonely occupation.
Watch awesome artists painting, ask them questions and learn.
Artists show what you can, give help and help to form a community that values art and helping others.

This is my personal site that shows if certain livestreams I like are online.
This page supports livestream, ustream, the new livestream, Twitch.tv, Justin.tv , younow, Picarto.tv and YouTube Live broadcasts.
I am open for suggestions to add more streams. Send them to Wolkenfels(at)gmail.com

TWITCH streams now are now only then displayed when the game is set to Creative!

Spring Cleaning - removed all streams from list that were not online for two years.

will tweet all discovered artists when they come online or go offline